“Every new generation needs to take the best and go as new groups of leaders have to discern what to preserve and what to innovate.” John Wimber

Young Adult Group


Thursday Nights, 5p- Young Women’s Discipleship

Young Adult Spiritual Leadership

This is an in depth group that focuses on the the challenges but also understanding of what a spiritual leader looks, acts and lives like. There are character challenges as well as times of ongoing ministry in the receiving as well as in the doing, with those attending. These groups are for those who are interested in ministry. We also ask for a recommendation in signing up. Email your information to Questions@YorbaLindaVineyard.com.

Spiritual Leadership, under 20

Spiritual Leadership

The above class is for those already serving in leadership areas. There are (2) steps of confirmation; upcoming dates will be early 2017.

1. Recommendation from your small group leader
2. We then tell people to wait for a confirmation as we then plan the classes based on who will work best together.

There will be new classes running next quarter so if you are interested please indicate your interest by emailing Questions@YorbaLindaVineyard.com.