“Caring for others is our greatest hope of being cared for by ourselves.” Christy Wimber
“Ministry is meeting the needs of others with the resources of God.” John Wimber

For all outreaches, please email Questions@YorbaLindaVineyard.com

Quarterly Outreach Gathering

If you are involved with any outreach at the Yorba Linda Vineyard or have desire to come learn more and connect to what were doing, we encourage you to make this gathering as you’ll get the chance to hear all Gods doing among us.

We have some exciting new & older things happenings so ask about anything you hear about…

We have many outreaches at the Yorba Linda Vineyard. Click on the link below to learn more…

Blessing Bags

Outreach done by our Children Ministry (Ignite).

Our children will be learning to participate in outreach! They will be assembling Blessing Bags that will later be given to those in need. Want to donate to our outreach?

Travel size wipes, wet wipes
Travel size sunscreen (1 FL OZ)
Hand sanitizer (2 FL OZ)
Tooth paste (2.8 OZ), Toothbrush
Unisex socks
Travel size deodorant
Note: Most items can be found in the travel section of Target or Wall-mart.


Resource Centers

** Please note – we are currently not receiving donations due to our church relocation. Please check back soon for an update on donation options.

As a church we are passionate about making a difference in our local communities. Where there is need, we aim to provide practical resources, empower people, and release hope into hearts.  We consider it an honor to clothe the poor, feed the hungry, help the sick, equip families, and come alongside those in our community.

We have divided our outreaches into two resource centers.  YLV Resource Center is our general hosting of all outreaches.  We separated out our Health Resource Center and dedicated it to physical, spiritual, and emotional health and wholeness.

Please click on these links for more information on what we offer.

YLV Resource Center

Health Resource Center