Those who call Yorba Linda Vineyard their home Church regularly give a tithe to the Lord. The word ‘tithe’ means ‘tenth’ and it is a way of honoring God with 10% of our income. Tithing is one of the ways we worship the Lord.

In addition we also give offerings to the Lord. Offerings are above our regular tithe and make it possible to further the advancement of the Gospel.

The majority of all our income goes into the Outreach we do in the Communities and the cost of our building.

When you give, please let us know if you would like your donation to go to a specific area:

  • Tithe
  • Building Fund
  • YLV Resource Center (YLVRC) : Food Resource [which includes shipments of food, supplies for those in need], Clothing Connection [free clothing & supplies for all ages], Classes for the Community such as self defense, Senior Assistance Support
  • Health Resource Center (HRC)

To Make A Donation

Simply chose where you would like your donation to go by clicking on the button of your choice.