Our desire is to raise our young people to a greater understanding of who Jesus Christ is. No matter the background or foundation, our desire for each child is to bring them into a greater understanding and intimacy with Jesus. We want the youth to participate in study, worship and outreach so we offer various times for them to be trained and equipped to serve their families and communities.

Youth Worship

Youth worship training is one of our favorite things for kids ages 10-15. Some of our head worship leaders take time each week to invest in our youth so they can work towards having their own teams. This has been on break, but is going to again bring our youth in to worship alongside our weekend teams. Interested? Email us.



 JR High Leadership Team

Oversight: We have formed a High School Pastoral care & oversight team. This team has various levels of experience and all serve in various ways together & separately at the YLV. This team gives oversight to both Junior High & High school.

Leadership: Youth Team Leaders.

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