“The goal of spiritual growth is more than just improved behavior. Self-help programs improve people; Gods intent is to transform people.” John Wimber
“I won’t change things around me if I expect them to stay the same. Change comes when one dreams and then acts upon those dreams.”  Christy Wimber

We want to make a place where each person can find who they are and why they are. We believe in the power of community as community is the place to grow best. We offer simple steps of connection as well as growth. It all begins with us getting the chance to have times of connection from our Newcomers to our Ministry training.  We offer many times of training for life; family and ministry.

Newcomer’s Lunch

A lunch following church where we introduce the staff, give general information about the church, and answer questions.

  • Next Quarter
  • RSVP is needed

New Believer Foundational Beliefs Class

For those desiring to learn more about Christianity and the person of Jesus.

  • Held twice a year

Vineyard 101

A 2 week class on who we are as a church, what we believe, where we come from, and where we’re going. Led by Pastor Christy Wimber this is the perfect class to connect with the leadership & pastoral care team at the YLV.

Kingdom Ministry Training

We offer classes every quarter during Wednesday Night Church. The classes all have to do with the Kingdom of God and areas of Kingdom Ministry. Our next class will be focused on ‘Spiritual Gifts’ led by Christy Wimber, Rick Morton, and others. If you want to know what you’re wired for, these classes will be the perfect thing to learn ‘hands on’ ministry stuff.

  • RSVP is needed
  • No childcare

Spiritual Leadership

There is no success without succession…..We believe in passing the baton in all kinds of ways when it comes to leadership in the Kingdom of God. Pastor Christy, along with some of our Pastoral Care Team take different groups at different seasons to train in the areas of spiritual leadership. For the first quarter of 2015, we are gathering two different groups; under & over 20 years of age. These groups are for those who are interested in ministry. We also ask for a recommendation in signing up. Please wait for your confirmation before attending. You can email your information to Questions@YorbaLindaVineyard.com.

Spiritual Leadership, under 20
Day: Tuesday
When? New class starting soon…
Time: 5.00-6.45p
Where? YLV

Spiritual Leadership
Day: Wednesday
When: New class starting soon…
Time: 5.00-6.45p
Where? YLV

The above class is for those already serving in leadership areas. There are (2) steps of confirmation:

1. Recommendation from your small group leader
2. We then tell people to wait for a confirmation as we then plan the classes based on who will work best together.

There will be new classes running next quarter so if you are interested please indicate your interest by emailing questions@yorbalindavineyard.com

Ministry Nights

A night of training in an area of ministry and then application as we minister to one another after.

  • (Held quarterly) 

Small Group Training

Small groups are vital to the growth of any Church. We have great value for Small Groups, which also involves training new people. Interested? Come check it out and learn how to lead a small group.

  • (Held yearly) New dates coming in late Spring, 2015.

Healing Teams Training

Learn how to minister healing in a small group setting.   Training is required to serve in our Healing Teams Ministry.

  • More training sessions beginning soon.  We will be offering a training day for Healing Prayer Teams. If you’re interested in this area of ministry we encourage you to attend, Newcomers, Vineyard 101 as well as our Kingdom Classes.