Here at the Yorba Linda Vineyard we are sold out on the importance of Church family.We believe in the corporate gathering of the Church and we want people to get connected to a local Church.

Due to our recent changes with the Yorba Linda Vineyard, as stated in our video (homepage), we have decided to make the Church ‘inactive’ at this point.

The Wimber’s have found out that Sean is in need of another major back surgery and they feel for the sake of our family the Lord is asking them to set the Church aside and take some time to focus on family and care for Sean.

Pastor Christy continues to travel around the world speaking at various events, conferences, leadership gatherings and Churches.

She will also be working with the Vineyard US with Multiply Vineyard and help serve in raising up Church planters.

Our board will be checking on the Wimber’s and we will evaluate the small groups we are continuing every few months. We want people to have their groups to gather, but as Pastor Christy stated, its very important for people to find a home Church.

We will still have some expense, would like to care for the Wimber’s so we are still taking gifts to cover these expenses. Online giving is still available.