Here at the Yorba Linda Vineyard we are sold out on the importance of Church family. Everything Christ did for us is centered on relationship. His Kingdom is founded on relationship and our lives are to be lived out amongst relationship.

The Church is to be the family so many are missing. We need healthy mothers, and fathers and other role models we may be missing in our earthly family. The Church isn’t to take the place of our natural family, but rather a place of love and support that cheer us on as family is made to do for us!

We have several places within our Church to help you connect and find your place. We believe there is a place for everyone and sometimes we just have to keep trying to see what and where that place is for us. However, just as in family its not just about what we receive, its also a place where we learn to give. We serve God best when were learning how to love and serve those He places around us.

Our encouragement would be to find your place here at the Yorba Linda Vineyard. Take a look at our various home, support or community groups to see where you connect best relationally. Were so glad you’re here and we can’t wait to get to know you more!