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Important Announcement Wimber Family & The Yorba Linda Vineyard May, 2017


I know this is very important I am very clear about what’s happening with the Wimber’s as well as our Church family, the Yorba Linda Vineyard.

I love the Yorba Linda Vineyard. We love the Yorba Linda Vineyard. The Church has been a vital part of our lives these last 11 years. I (we) feel very privileged for God to pick our family to be a part of this amazing ministry. It is remarkable what God has done with the YLV and the YLV Resource Centers. I would never exchange this time in our lives.

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YLV After Hours

Continuing Connection Groups

Mike & Jan Frazier: Home Group Tuesday @ 7pm, Yorba Linda

Harry & Carol Smith: Home Group Tuesday @ 7pm Yorba Linda

Rick & Sharon Morton: Home Group Tuesday @ 7pm, Garden Grove

Genevieve Sandoval: Hispanic Women's Group @ 10am, Whittier

Anthony Torres: Monday Night @ 7pm Men's Prayer, Yorba Linda

Healing Prayer: Monday Night @ 7pm

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Celebration YLV

A little of what has happened in our church over the last 11 years.  It is amazing to see all of things God has done.



Transformed…New book by Christy Wimber