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Important Announcement Wimber Family & The Yorba Linda Vineyard May, 2017


I know this is very important I am very clear about what’s happening with the Wimber’s as well as our Church family, the Yorba Linda Vineyard.

I love the Yorba Linda Vineyard. We love the Yorba Linda Vineyard. The Church has been a vital part of our lives these last 11 years. I (we) feel very privileged for God to pick our family to be a part of this amazing ministry. It is remarkable what God has done with the YLV and the YLV Resource Centers. I would never exchange this time in our lives.

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Celebration YLV

A little of what has happened in our church over the last 11 years.  It is amazing to see all of things God has done.



YLV Afters Hours

Continuing Connection Groups

Mike & Jan Frazier: Home Group Tuesday @ 7pm, Yorba Linda

Harry & Carol Smith: Home Group Tuesday @ 7pm Yorba Linda

Rick & Sharon Morton: Home Group Tuesday @ 7pm, Garden Grove

Genevieve Sandoval: Hispanic Women's Group @ 10am, Whittier

Anthony Torres: Monday Night @ 7pm Men's Prayer, Yorba Linda

Healing Prayer: Monday Night @ 7pm

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Transformed…New book by Christy Wimber